Emergence of the competition

With the advent of and uprise of the instant sharing networks, the rise of social sharing sites and platforms, one thing has become of paramount importance. Sharing and posting socially.

This leads to the inevitable, the competitive mind set and the aim to do better than peers. Celebrating important occasions and life mile stones has become an integral part of new age moder era lifestyle.

In order to do that banquets & Party venues come to forefront. They are the most important factor when we look into social postings. A respected, budget friendly, popular venue is the one which is preferred for obvious reasons.

The venue / banquet hall should fulfill a few basic requirements such as good food, central location, cheap prices, good DJ music, decoration options, exquisite styling, appealing ambience and many many more.

The location should also be able to accommodate as per requirement of the host. There is now turning to be widespread use of online engines such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, justdial. Olx, Instagram by both looking for venues and banquet owners. These platforms help the customer find the mode appropriate banquet venue in Delhi as per their requirements.

These platforms also offer promoted listing in form of Google adwords, Facebook adverts etc. The charges can vary from a few thousand a month to several thousand rupees for a month. This in turn can help banquets in Delhi rope in many more customers.

A good venue boasts of delicious food, good DJ music options, lighting to suit occasions and personal taste, good quality crockery and silver ware, valet services, reasonable rates, good bar, elegant ambience, good climate control and decorate able interiors.

Hotel Metro View is one such name which offers best banquet halls in Delhi, Google reveals that our Banquet hall is ranked amongst top halls such as Raj Vatika, Dream heritage banquets, Shangri-la, The Umrao, The Jehan and many others.

Banquet Halls at Hotel Metro View is a venue which suits farewell parties, birthday party, engagements party, roka celebration, destination wedding, wedding anniversary and other such family gatherings and dinners.

The capacity of some of banquets can vary from 20 to capacity of 1000 and more of gigantic banquets. As is with the capacity even the rates fluctuate from 450 to upto 3000 per person. Hotel. Metro View is capable to handle parties of upto 120 PAX and our rates start a meagre 450 only.

Banquets & halls can also be provided on a lumsump on basis of duration. A hall such as able to accommodate 40/50 pax can be had for 8000 rupees for upto 6 hours. Basic background music is provided free of cost to the host. The usual DJ costs around 3500 rupees for a ocassion in banquet hall at Delhi in hotel Metroview.

Banquet Venue in Delhi are ever increasing but the ability to stand out among a crowd of such banquet is a respected feat on the part of hotel metro view which offers awesome rates and extra ordinary banquet hall facilities at reasonable prices.

One thing that also catches the attention is the use of blog writing to have a ranking higher up the list in search results. Every top ranked site has good blog to its credit. Banquet sites such as that of , , , , , . Each of these sites has a blog in their name.

Whatever your reason for celebration it is important to consider hotel metro view banquets as an avenue for you get together of friends and family. We do whatever is needed to achieve a perfect experience and full satisfaction on the part of organisers. Banquet halls in delhi for birthday party means hotel metro view. Banquet in karol bagh for party also means hotel metro view.

Accommodation and Rooms in Delhi

Tourism is a big source of revenue for any country, it not only fills the rooms of hotels that one sees but also promotes business in almost every sector, be it food, apparel, souvenirs or anything else. In past 5 years tourism has seen a 50% increase in India, and here we are just taking about the overseas tourist in India.

The tourist not only spend on accommodation but also splurge on extras and bring in plenty of foreign currency to our humble country. We treat all guest as God as has been known since ancient times, the popular saying being "Athiti Devo Bhava".

Increase in tourism has seen a spurt of hotels in Karol Bagh and adjoining areas. Karol Bagh is in the heart of Capital city and is populated with all types of shops from street hawkers to jeweler showrooms from food outlets to street food vendors, from branded clothing to ethnic Indian apparels. The place is a haven for shopping and food lovers and being in center of Delhi it is easily accessible. Close proximity to Cannaught Place, Chandni Chowk & India Gate is a blessing for tourists.

Its a tourist friendly location which is well policed by the security agencies too. You can find numerous hotels in Karol Bagh, be sure to choose the one which suits you most, considering your budget, Hotel location & the quality of services offered.

Booking for the right property after going through online portals has become the easiest and most common way now. Various portals such as,, , &  are popular amongst both national and international tourists.

Some of the most searched phrases for getting good deals for hotels include: hotels in Karol Bagh near Metro station, 3 star hotels in Karol Bagh, 4 star hotels in Karol Bagh, hotels in Karol Bagh below 1000, Karol Bagh hotels list, oyo rooms karol bagh, budget hotels in Karol Bagh, boutique hotels in Delhi, cheap rooms in Karol Bagh, best hotel in karol bagh near metro station, cheapest hotel in karol bagh, hotel near karol bagh metro station, hotel near me, hotel near clothes market ajmal khan road.

While majority of Google hits is emphasising on vicinity of karol bagh, it is clearly evident that generally people are stressing the importance of price and budget as well.

Hotel Metro View is one of the best in its category providing quality accommodation & banquets. It is well known for courteous staff, excellent services & proximity to market & Karol Bagh Metro Station.

Banquet, Party & Conference Halls in Delhi

Another thing famous in Karol Bagh is the largely contrasting banquet venues on offer. From breath taking 2000 capacity Ajmal Khan Park to small gathering friendly venues. You can easily find the best suited banquet hall for your need if you have an eye for it or you may find the best banquets as the world does it using google.

The common venues in Karol Bagh with more than 250 person capacity are FFC Festivity, Junction 36, Raj Vatika, Golden Moments, A3A banquets, Dream Heritage. All these are large scale banquet operators which easily accommodate 250 to 1200 persons. Most venues have their own catering and decoration team and are strict with it while some are flexible enough to let you bring your own halwai or caterer and decorator.

Various online portals like,,,,,, also list properties & provide you with options. They typically charge some commission from the Banquet owners & it is best to book direct with venue's that are visible to you. Google stats clearly show us the most banquet related search phrases in Delhi are: banquet halls in delhi, banquet halls in delhi for marriage, list of banquet halls in delhi, banquet halls in west delhi, banquet halls in delhi for enagement & small party halls in delhi - clearly depicting the dependence of general public on technology for finding their ideal party venue.

Famous and large conference venues in Delhi include the New Delhi YMCA Conference facility, The Surya Hotel Delhi, IIC - India International Centre, Shangri-la Hotel Delhi.

One of the most searched phrases related to conference halls in Delhi are: conference halls in Delhi, list of conference halls in delhi, conference venue new delhi, delhi, ymca conference hall new delhi, conference hall in karol bagh, training room in delhi, seminar halls in delhi, auditoriums in delhi, cheap conference rooms in delhi, budget hotels in delhi - to name a few clearly indicating that neither public nor corporate want to settle for ordinary, they want extraordinary and best bang for their buck.

You can simply rent a hall or banquet and then populate it with your own frills, decorations & food delicacies together with a D. J. of your choice or go for one of the packages on offer by the banquet manager and let them do the hard work.

Noteworthy is the fact that banquets are multi purpose & double up as corporate event hall for conferences, meetings or seminars. They are many small party halls in Delhi & conference halls in Delhi. They offer projector & microphone systems which are good enough for small to medium meetings and business training for corporates. Some 3 star hotels have also developed beautiful, functional & reasonable banquets for standalone hall requirements or for in house guests generally referred to as residential conferences. Hosts typically opt for snack & beverage in morning & evening, with a light lunch in the afternoon for business meetings, trainings and conferences. Small party halls in Delhi account for majority share when banqueting business is concerned, also keeping in mind conference halls in Delhi.

Conference halls in Delhi have seen a increase in business owing to the overall progress of the economy also. Many MNC & local traders look to tend to their clients and sales reps at a place that is outsourced essentially a conference hall. Apparently offering a conference hall in Delhi is not a feat, but satisfying the organisers and getting repeat business is a feat and demands complete satisfaction on the part or organisers.

Many a conferences in Delhi are also held at meeting halls of 5 stars, and other such high profile venues. Only big corporate houses, delegates, diplomats are able to afford the high prices and cost associated with hosting conferences with these venues. A cheaper yet effective option for others is to find a conference hall in Delhi in a budget hotel or restaurant which offers quality food and good services. Conference halls in Delhi can vary in rates from lump sum 2000 per room to 1200 per person. Conference hall in Delhi generally need to provide tables, chairs, setup, AC, food & other extras according to the packaged and contract.

You can throw a feast for a wager that you won or a festival party for your wedding or you may even throw a bash just to spend quality time with your near & dear ones. Reasons for celebration may vary among people but the basic premise is the same, living a life full of joy, enjoyment, laughter, fun & frolic. People have wine, they dine, they share there laughter's, shed a tear and this is what humanity is build up on, socializing.

Celebrating birthday with party, weddings with reception & happiness with gatherings has become a social trait & is indispensable. It has become a regular feature of our daily lives to celebrate & to jubiliate.

So if you want to celebrate your happiness or if your business needs a venue or a conference hall get in touch with Hotel Metro View which tops the list of Conference Halls in Delhi & has one of the best Banquet Halls in its class.